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So you know how the Game of Kings is played. And you've experienced the thrill of stepping out onto the battlefield. Which is what makes you a chess player. But now it's time to get good at it.


One of the best things you can do to make sure your game is steadily improving, something that is both fun and productive all in one, is getting yourself enrolled in a Club Chess!! group class. 


Every week a new aspect of the game is considered, emphasizing the principles involved, as opposed to rote memorization. Instead of a lecture, students receive more of a guided tour, where questions and discussion are encouraged. You will notice immediately that our teachers are experts in chess, but it is their ability to build relationship with each member of the group and foster a team spirit that will surprise you. After 45 minutes of solid instruction, while the lesson is still fresh in their minds, the students are more than eager to be paired off with one another for some supervised play time, in order to immediately apply what they've been learning. Then throughout the week, the students' progress continues as they carry out their homework assignments. Intriguing puzzles to solve, famous games to play through, and recorded online competition with similarly skilled players from around the world keeps chess alive until it's time to meet again.


Each group class has a minimum of four students, but no more than ten, assuring that each student enjoys all the benefits of group study while at the same time receiving just the right amount of personal attention needed to steadily improve week by week.


Here at Club Chess!! we have found there are 5 significant benefits that come from participating in group learning sessions...


  • Reduces Anxiety Many students learn more easily when not under a spotlight, especially when they are relatively new to a subject.
  • Enhances Intrinsic Motivation Our inner drive to learn often peaks when we are among friends with a common interest.
  • Deepens Understanding of Material In a group setting, fellow students often inspire one another to think about a lesson in ways they wouldn't have normally.
  • Ecourages Individual Accountability Students tend to acquire new knowledge and skills more naturally when they feel like a valued member of a team.
  • Strengthens Social Skills Real-time interaction each week with others coming from different backgrounds, sometimes even differnt countries, not only helps students become better chess players, but also develops people skills they will use throughout their lives.

Mastering Chess With Friends LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE Ages 13-17 Group 4-Pack

$80.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • All students enrolling in a group class must...


    1. Speak English fluently.
    2. Know how to play chess.
    3. Have access to a video conferencing device.
    4. Have access to a high-speed internet connection.
    5. Be familiar with Zoom and have a personal account (just let us know if you need help setting up your free account).
    6. Adhere to the Club Chess!! Code of Conduct (which you can find in the main Menu at the top of this page).
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