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Club Chess!!TM


Just imagine...  your very own fun, safe, relaxing get-away place, exclusively dedicated to all things chess! A unique private club for anyone and everyone, young and old, who has ever been even the slightest bit intrigued by this most ancient and fascinating of games.

     For some it is mainly about top-notch training and competitive sportsmanship. For many more it is all about the good old fashioned thrills found in friendly face-to-face combat, over the most mind-blowing game board in the universe, along with a tasty bite to eat. Plenty of those you will meet here, however, are just responding at long last to that inexplicable urge to become better acquainted with this curious art of dueling known historically as The Game of Kings and come to learn for free.  Still others simply enjoy meeting and hanging out with fun, interesting people whenever they need a refreshing break from the mundane.   

     Whatever your reason for visiting our website, Club Chess!!TM was built especially for you.

     When you get a minute, you should come on over to the castle and check it out for yourself.



     Well, of course we don't actually have a medieval castle, yet. They are hard to come by here in the heart of the new world.

     But what we do have is three-thousand comfortable square feet of centrally located prime Powers Corridor commercial real estate nestled into a modern, well appointed professional office park. Most importantly, however, our contemporary little castle was master planned by chess players for chess players. No detail overlooked, no element of chess culture left out.

     When you have some quality time to fill, come to the castle. Come out for a leisurely visit with someone you know. Whoever you are, chess player or not, you are sure to have fun here with friends and family.

     However, you should come prepared. Prepared to be surprised. Prepared to be inspired. Come prepared to discover something that might have been missing in your life so far. Come prepared to find something you might have been looking for all along.

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