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IN ORDER TO PROVIDE a safe, fun, healthful, and productive environment for everyone, especially children, all persons on Club Chess!! premises or present at any Club Chess!! event being held outside the club premises--sidewalks, parking areas, and driveways included--shall abide by the following list of ten rules and regulations. Because member safety is of paramount importance, the policies contained herein are meant to be considered thoughtfully, as they constitute a first warning. Confirmed  violation will bring a second warning. A single confirmed repeat violation shall necessitate immediate expulsion from the club premises and/or club event, as well as revocation of membership or club pass with no recompense whatsoever.



  1. All communications and interactions, whether they be made in person or electronically, are to be conducted with the utmost respect and consideration of others, maintaining decorum and a pleasant, courteous disposition at all times.

  2. Should a concern, complaint or problem of any nature arise, it shall be addressed and discussed in a polite and civil manner with a club manager or tournament director privately--and not with anyone else--regardless of whether a resolution be achieved or not.

  3. Subject matter, humor, clothing, manner of dress, images, words, expressions, actions, body language, etc., not typically found in a G-rated movie are prohibited.

  4. Alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs, illegal substances, the odors of such, or the speaking of such are not allowed.

  5. No smoking or vaping outside of designated areas.

  6. Legally prescribed medication, over-the-counter medication, tobacco, smoking devices and accessories, e-liquid, vaping devices and accessories, must remain in a locked motor vehicle.

  7. A loud voice, boisterous antics, disruptive sound from electronic devices, or any behavior not acceptabe in a public library or four-star French restaurant is prohibited.

  8. Unless otherwise approved in writing by a club manager, no outside food or drink is allowed inside the club facility and only drinks are permitted inside playing areas during tournaments.

  9. Willful destruction or defacement of another's property and stealing are not tolerated and will invite criminal prosecution in addition to club sanctions.

  10. Good health, good personal hygiene practices, and complete sobriety are required without exception at all times.

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