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Hello Club Chess!!

     I am glad you guys are finishing up on the great building project! This place will serve in raising wonderful talent in Colorado.

     I know you guys have had great financial and most importantly time effort involved in getting the venue ready. I believe we must embrace a sense of improvisation to get the most out of our very new learning program. There are ways to stimulate the intellect and get better at chess beyond simple chess drills and practice.

     I would love to not only partake and teach the camp as a one-time occasion, but bring in the annual gathering spirit to our festival of chess learning! I would most importantly want to make sure we establish the event as a source of inspiration for all the great events and classes at your club that will attract numerous youngsters and Colorado regulars throughout the year!

     For now I will let you focus on the task at hand and look forward to reconnect again this week,


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